You will get the popular colors for bridesmaid dresses

Your wedding day is not just a special day for you but for the sisters closest to your heart too! Your girlfriends have been there for you through many of life’s biggest milestones and you would want them to celebrate your big day with you. Not only do you want to include them, you will want them to add a special touch to your wedding. NZ Bridal choose some popular colors for the best bridesmaid! These gorgeous colored dresses will complement your stunning white gown perfectly just as these girls always do. They will also provide a finishing touch to your wedding color theme! here are the palettes the experts see trending for 2020 weddings so far.

Plum is a purple color with a brownish-gray tinge, which is a close representation of the average color of the plum fruit. A shade with cool, purple undertones, plum combines well with black or white looks noble and elegant. Dress all of your bridesmaids in plum dress for a seriously regal effect, pair it with other jewel likes crystal or pearl for a moody vibe.

Burnt orange is a medium-dark orange that evokes visions of flames. Go for this bold hues for a more celebratory vibe, especially if you are donning in a crisp white wedding dress, you are going to stand out even more with the blinding pop of colors that will create a strong contrast.

The mustard yellow color is pastel yellow also sometimes referred to as “lemon”, it is a gentle color likely to be considered soft and delicate. Pastel shades often appear feminine and romantic. mustard yellow bridesmaid dresses and white wedding dress color palette makes a perfect balance of hot and cool for a spring wedding.

Forest green and white color combinations will never disappoint you in a summer wedding. Cool and fresh, greenery brings to everyone a refreshing feel. Brides in white bridal gown with bridesmaids in forest green bridesmaid dresses, that will be a beautiful scene.

Silver sage is created by mixing light green and gray. it keep some of the warmth from that hue. This timeless, elegant guarantee beautiful usable color all the time in bridesmaid dress.  silver sage bridesmaid dresses and blush centerpieces are a perfect match.

We hope this article helped you find the perfect color theme for your bridesmaid dress! Visit NZ Bridal to browse through our collection of bridesmaid dresses and other wedding accessories!



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