The dresses of bridesmaid you’ll wear more than once


Weddings are notoriously expensive, not just for the bride and groo m but for the guests as well—especially so if you’re part of the bridal party. There’s the gift, the hotel, travel expenses, and perhaps even a bachelorette weekend to budget for. What’s more, for a bridesmaid, there’s little to no wiggle room when it comes to recycling an old dress. In fact, there are even more options than ever before—if you're willing to shop NZ Bridal. so don't let your nearest and dearest worry they might have to wear something they'd rather not. Our solution? Shop the best in dresses, rather than those dubbed bridesmaids-only.

  1. We strongly recommend multi-style dresses for bridesmaid. We often notice that all bridesmaids wear the same dresses. Actually, it is outdated to believe the concept that bridesmaids should wear the same. If you want to highlight everyone’s characters, different styles for each one will be so great and the import thing is the dress that can be worn in other occasion after the wedding.(PS: This dress has more than 30 colors to create different wedding theme colors.) Shop here:


    2. Sequined bridesmaid dresses is the trend of 2019, and it looks elegant and shining. Its special material makes the dress so luxurious. This sequin bridesmaid dress extends to right above the knee. This will help accentuate your figure in heels. Shiny fabric in the light will definitely make you look great in the spotlight. It is suitable for both bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses as well. Shop here:


    3. Chiffon is one of the popular fabric in bridesmaid dresses, it is flowy and stretchy fabrics often matching on ruffles or pleated design, and they have plenty of leeway when it comes to sleeve lengths and necklines, this style is also suitable for beach vacations. Shop here:


    4. The various colors Knee-length Bridesmaid Dresses made of chiffon or lace and so on make girls look cute, and you can also find the romantic styles will make your bridal party memorable, this style is also suitable for wearing on a date. Shop here:


    Today, we have introduced several beautiful bridesmaid dresses to you. We hope you can get some special ideas for your wedding or other significant events.



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