Travel back in time and immerse yourself in the captivating and stylish era of the flapper, known for its distinctive makeup, hairstyles, fashion, and accessories. The 1920s marked a period of significant transformation, and the flapper style symbolized a rebellious attitude and a break from conventional beauty standards. In this blog post, we'll delve into how to replicate the iconic flapper aesthetic, from achieving the ideal makeup to donning glamorous clothing and exquisite accessories.

The essential components of flapper 1920s makeup consist of: Porcelain Complexion; Dark Eyes; Thin, Arched Eyebrows; Smoky Eyeshadow, False Lashes; Cupid's Bow Lips; and Rosy Blush. 

flapper 1920s makeup

Flapper 1920s Hairstyles: To complement your flapper makeup, consider the following hairstyles: Finger Waves; Bobbed Hairstyles; and Short Pixie Cuts. 

Flapper 1920s Hairstyles

Flapper fashion was all about liberation and breaking away from traditional norms. Consider the following clothing options to achieve the flapper 1920s look:

Loose-fitting flapper dresses with dropped waistlines and short hemlines are a great choice. Look for dresses made of lightweight materials like chiffon or silk, and embellished with sequins or beads for added glamour.flapper dresses

Choose a sequin 20s dress to capture the essence of the era, as these dresses shimmer and reflect light, adding an extra touch of elegance to your outfit.20s sequin dress
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Although short flapper dresses were popular, longer maxi dresses also had a place in 1920s fashion. Look for 1920s maxi dresses with intricate decorations and flowing silhouettes for a sophisticated and elegant look.
maxi 1920s evening gown

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Complete your flapper look with the perfect accessories:

Art Deco-inspired Jewelry: The Art Deco movement heavily influenced 1920s fashion. Look for jewelry featuring geometric shapes, bold lines, and intricate designs. Statement earrings, cocktail rings, and cuff bracelets can add a touch of Art Deco elegance to your ensemble.1920 Gatsby Accessories

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Gatsby’s Party Accessories

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Headbands and Hair Accessories: Embrace the iconic flapper headbands adorned with feathers, beads, or rhinestones. Other hair accessories like hair combs, clips, or even hats can also enhance your hairstyle and complete the 1920s look.

Gatsby’s Party Accessories

SHOP🛒➡️Gatsby’s Party Accessories

Long Vintage Pearl Nacklace: Layer long, pearl necklaces to add dimension and a touch of luxury to your ensemble. Mix and match different lengths and colors to create a statement piece.

Gatsby’s Party Long-Beaded Necklaces

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Embrace the spirit of the flapper era by recreating the iconic flapper 1920s look. From the bold and sultry makeup to the glamorous hairstyles, clothing, and accessories, allow yourself to immerse in the elegance and rebelliousness of this transformative period. Whether you choose to don a flapper dress, sequin gown, or maxi dress, remember to complement your outfit with Art Deco-inspired jewelry and finish off the ensemble with a stylish headband or hair accessory. By combining makeup, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories, you can embody the timeless charm of 1920s flapper fashion.

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Remember, with the right makeup, hairstyle, clothing, and accessories, you can evoke the spirit of the flapper 1920s look and make a stunning statement wherever you go.



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