2024 is coming, and for couples who are about to marry their loved ones, choosing the right wedding style and theme is crucial. NZ Bridal We've done some in-depth research into next year's wedding trends to bring you a curated overview. In the new year, we’re seeing some continuing trends, as well as some brand-new wedding fads. Here’s a comprehensive look at wedding trends in 2024:

WOW Moments: Crafting eye-catching wedding WOW moments will be a hot trend next year. Whether it's a spectacular floral display, a surprise dance performance, an art installation, or a delicious gourmet display, modern couples hope to give their guests an unforgettable experience through visually stunning presentations.

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Carefully planned menus: Wedding menus will take center stage and we are seeing more and more couples putting their energy into menu planning. Whether it's an all-vegetarian menu or dishes inspired by a couple's travels, the custom-made drinks menu is also in the spotlight. Also, don’t forget to prepare some delicious late-night snacks for your guests after dinner.

wedding menu

Small Bouquets: Modern weddings have ushered in the era of small bouquets. The low-key but exquisite wedding floral arrangement can not only reduce the floral budget but also show a unique beauty.small bouquet for wedding
Simple Wedding Procession: As time goes by, large wedding processions are gradually disappearing from the scene. More and more couples are choosing to have just one best man and one bridesmaid, or even choosing to do away with the traditional wedding procession to focus more on the newlyweds.Happy Moment In The Wedding
Diverse Desserts: In addition to traditional wedding cakes, couples are beginning to pay more attention to diverse dessert options. Freshly baked cookies, rolled ice cream, steaming donuts, and cool popsicles will become new favorites. Meanwhile, a smaller cut cake is available, as well as a generous selection of handheld desserts.Diverse Desserts
Short Ceremony In 2024, couples are more inclined to create short and sweet wedding ceremonies. Keeping the ceremony to 20 minutes or less, or even holding a smaller private ceremony before inviting guests to a cocktail hour, will become common practice.Short Wedding Ceremony
Champagne Tower or Other Photo Moments: Continuing the trend are the photo moments at the wedding, such as pouring the champagne tower, taking photos with vintage cars, or leaving with fireworks to add interest to the wedding.Champagne Tower
Themed dress code: Providing guests with a theme or color-matching dress code will become a highlight next year, bringing more beauty and atmosphere.Black and White Wedding Dress Code
Audio guest book: Couples may consider setting up an audio guest book to allow guests to leave special wishes and messages, adding more warm memories to the wedding.Audio guest book
Local and Sustainability: Sustainability will be an important theme at the wedding. Choosing to support local suppliers wherever possible and pursuing sustainable wedding options such as using biodegradable decorations, virtual invitations, and limiting waste will be at the core of couples' concerns.Happy Celebration

The trends on this list are what wedding planners need to focus on in 2024. No matter which style you prefer, these trends will add unique charm and unforgettable memories to your wedding.


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